Security Compliance

Compliance to Regulations and Acts has become a priority for all businesses across North America and the world.

All large and publicly traded businesses across North America are affected by new regulatory requirements:

Small and mid-sized businesses must also conform to an ever increasing number of laws, rules and regulations imposed by governing bodies. Also, in order to do business with larger companies, you must also align and upgrade your security processes and controls to meet your vendor's or client's requirements, for example, to connect through VPN for B2B transactions.

Are you wondering how the new regulations affect your line of business?

SECURE SMB shows you what you need to know and what you need to do to come into compliance. Our consultants will complement your staff to deliver solutions that bring you into compliance.

Our experienced staff is complemented by affordable software and hardware technologies that achieve and maintain your compliance.

Companies we have partnered with include for compliance solutions:

Case Study

Software Company A wishes to connect to Financial Institution A (FI) to run your project and satisfy software development requirements for coding testing and review.

The FI forces your company to upgrade its security posture in order for the Software Company to connect to the FIs network.

How can we help?

1) We translate the FIs requirements to your business managers

2) Performing a site audit to identify security deficiencies and security risks and report to Senior Management.

3) Put a plan together to address most significant risks, strengthen perimeter security as well as harden desktops and servers.

4) Work with your client to implement B2B connectivity using secure transmission methods.

5) Produce formal documentation and develop the information security policies that can be reusable across the Company.