IT Services

The most common questions your organization faces is how and what to outsource and whether or not managed services solution is an effective way to reduce IT costs in order to meet your business goals.

Find out Why Secure SMB can reduce your costs. Secure SMB's Managed IT Services can help you answer these questions and face these challenges; services that are designed to help you assess and define managed services options from decision through operation.

Secure SMB has the ability to take over all or part of your IT systems, maintain it in accordance with industry standards, relieving you from day to day worry. All of our services have flat hourly rates, off-hour rates, volume discounts and Pre Paid Plans with significant discounts. While our primary focus is on IT security, our staff can perform incidental IT services as they relate to our security services.

Services offered:
PC Inventory / Computer Audit
We offer complete computer inventory and software inventory, LAN auditing and fully automated ways to keep up-to-date.

Remote Control and Support

We offer remote computer access, which is secure and configurable. Access PCs behind firewalls and NAT without port mapping or infrastructure changes.

Patch Management
We offer fully automated security patch scanning and patch deployment in a scalable, secure and configurable way.

Software Installation & Updates
We offer complete software installations and software updates across the organization, easier and more flexible than SMS and other solutions.

Help Desk & Troubleshooting
We offer integrated trouble ticketing with built in secure online Chat program for support personnel and users.

Flexible Administration
We offer integrated Web based interfaces, accessible from anywhere in the world. Flexibility is integrates in administrator, user and group setup.

PC & Server Deployment
We offer rapid and automated deployment methods without downtime. Automated computer discovery and deployment to all computers, local or remote.